Ageless Future Set

Ageless Future Set
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Enjoy an ageless appearance with this sensational Dead Sea Premier Ageless Future set. As aging occurs, we are increasingly likely to suffer through the displeasing effect of skin aging. During this process, the skin ceases to renew itself, thus losing tone and elasticity which results in the unpleasant sight of wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone and overall dullness. Luckily, the research and development team at the Dead Sea Premier Laboratories have formulated a serum which successfully combats skin aging. The Seamax Complex features exclusive Dead Sea minerals integrated with extracts from the native Mediterranean plant, Myrtle. This formula gently encourages the restoration of skin tissues to reveal firm, radiant, and younger looking skin. Although Dead Sea minerals have been used for cosmetics since biblical times, the Myrtle plant became famous in ancient Greece, where its unique essential oils were combined to create an "angel water" which Greek women believed to restore a youthful complexion. In this proven cell regenerator, the components pampers tissues for longevity of the skin. This Ageless Future Set works to limit degeneration of skin tissues while to delivers noticeable reduction of the signs of aging. Integrating the Seamax Complex Myrtle plant extracts and Dead Sea minerals, it helps to recapture a youthful appearance as it firms the skin and improves elasticity and tone. The Ageless Future Set includes:  1) Ageless Future Detoxifying Mask 2) Ageless Future Serum 3) Ageless Future Cream   


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